A Summer Dress with an Interesting Geometric Back Detail

Self-drafted from a Burda pattern

I am sure we all have patterns we use all the time. Ones that just work for our body type, don’t need too much alteration and are simple to use. One of mine is a pattern printed in Burda Magazine Nr. 07/2014. It is a gathered skirt and simple bodice made up of 4 pattern pieces. I have used the bodice pattern countless times before, making many different types of dresses, and was always happy with the results.

So when I was looking for a pattern to make an alteration to, this came to mind quite quickly. I had this idea in mind that I would change the back of the dress to be a bit more open and airy. I wanted something that combines comfort with style in the summer heat, while also satisfying my love of geometry.

So here is the result, a slightly different dress with a geometric back detail.


folklore summer dress geometric back detail back3


And yes, I am starting with a picture from the back this time. 🙂 It is definitely nice from the front too, but the wow-factor is certainly going on in the back. The geometric pattern is made of 2 sets of 2 fully-lined triangles overlapping each other. The lower triangles are a bit smaller than the top ones. Here is the back in a bit more detail.


geometric back detail


I did not have quite enough of the patterned fabric to make the whole dress, so I used just a strip of it for the skirt, while making the rest in a plain black polycotton. I think the whole dress has got a sort of folklore feeling about it because of that.


folklore summer dress with back detail front1








Rediscovering my love of Inkscape

This is probably as off-topic as it gets, but since I’ve not been blogging for a month again, I thought I owe you a little bit of an explanation.

I have always found great joy in designing geometric patterns. I sometimes bring this over into sewing and make complicated dresses, which give me a very good chance of practicing my seam matching. 😉 Lately though, I have been incredibly busy rediscovering what a fantastic piece of software Inkscape is.

Plenty of people use it, of course, and years ago, I also installed it to work on some intricate geometric patterns. I don’t know if it was lack of time or motivation, but it just didn’t do what I wanted it to do at the time. Last week, I downloaded it again and set to work on it.

I have to say, the results please me very much. Once I learned all the different functions with the help of some online tutorials (there are plenty on youtube and Inkscape themselves offer a detailed manual, which can be accessed from the software), there was no stopping me.

Here are a couple of the geometric things I made in the last week


geometry 1


geometric pattern 1


I even made some items with these patterns on cafepress.co.uk, where you can find them under my profile theravingseamstress.