The summer dress made of “blue lizard” fabric

When I got all my new fabrics, I knew which one I wanted to work on first. Even though my husband said I would look like a blue lizard in an item made of this, it just had to be the ridiculous snakefoil jersey, didn’t it?

It’s a pretty lightweight fabric with plenty of stretch, so I knew a summer dress would be possible. Where I would wear such a thing, is still a mystery to me, but I somehow couldn’t keep away from the fabric. Maybe it was because it is so shiny, or maybe I have a yearning for outrageous dance clothing to an extent that even I didn’t realise. Somewhere in my mind, it says that it would be perfectly ok to wear a dress made of blue lizard fabric to a summer festival.

In any case, making the pattern was really easy. I simply used the pattern I made from taking apart my old dress in this post and changed the neckline so it wouldn’t be as low as it was before. I basically just cut the whole top of the bodice as a square to adjust later.

The neckline I had in mind, would be gathered at the top and end in a collar around the neck. I actually ended up pleating it, cause I felt too lazy to gather.

I also attempted to make more of a molded shape for me, not by adding darts but by cutting out and reshaping a whole section of the bust:




I forgot to line up the seams with the skirt seams, so I need to remember to redo that for future dresses. I added a waistband to “hide” that fact a bit, or at least in my mind, make it look a bit less obvious.

This is the dress:

The back of the skirt is slightly longer, although I realise now that to really get the effect I wanted, the difference in length between front and back should have been larger. Since I only had about 1.5 metres of fabric, that was not an option though.

The waist sits a bit lower than I wanted and the bust seams sit just a bit under the bust, so I will redo the collar and shorten the bodice a touch.  The whole dress was sewn with my overlock machine.

To finish the edges, I used the rolled-hem foot of my overlocker. This is the second time I have used it, and while the hems are not as rolled as they could be, I really like the finish.

Here is the finish on the arm:



And here it is on the skirt:







Unfortunately, the fabric has a tendency to lose it’s colour. While trying it on, I suddenly saw lots of white specks all over the front of the dress. When I tried to brush them away (don’t know what I was thinking), more appeared! It seems the blue “varnish” comes off the edges of the little metal plates that the coating is made of. I wonder how that would fare in a washing machine. I probably have to hand wash it, and even then I’d be worried about the loss of colour.

I am very tempted to do this again and improve on it, but since the quality of the fabric makes it so hard to rework it or even wear it more than once, I think I might have to find a better fabric first.

New fabrics for new projects!

This is more of a preview than anything, but I am just so excited!

After waiting for what felt like forever, I finally got all the fabrics I ordered in the last month. I can’t wait to sew them all up!

I stacked them up in a nice pile and took a picture for you to see:


new fabrics

From top to bottom, I have got:

– a digitally printed jersey (it is much steadier than I imagined and is only stretchy one way, so it will be great for constructing a party dress)

digitally printed stretch jersey

– a turquoise lining fabric (for a jacket)

– a turquoise gabardine (for that same jacket)

turquoise gabardine

– some black scuba jersey (for a dress and a tracksuit jacket)

– a shiny snake foil jersey (for a dress, what else could be made out of such an outrageous fabric?)

blue snake foil jersey

– a purple, a black and a blue cotton jersey (to make some t-shirts)


The top four are from Calico Laine, while I ordered the bottom four from

We have had some issues with DHL lately due to strikes, so both parcels came to me on the same day after waiting 4 weeks for the one and one week for the other. I know, one week doesn’t sound very long, but if you’re used to next-day shipping, it seems almost unbearable. 😉

Also, the 4-week wait for the Calico Laine order was partially due to them not having certain fabrics on site, so altogether, it probably took about 2 weeks to get to me once they sent it. However, I reordered from them since and the shipment was sent within a day.

I plan on making some t-shirts with the cotton jerseys and dresses with the scuba and print jersey. Maybe I will finally get onto sewing up that short tracksuit jacket too.

So far, I have no idea what I will wear the shirts with, as I have not yet made a single skirt or pair of trousers. To be fair, I probably only wear trousers once or twice a year. Since I like making t-shirts, I might have to get into the habit though.

The turquoise gabardine and lining fabric will be made into a summer jacket. I have had great success constructing a coat out of Burda 6921 and will attempt to make the short version for the warmer weather.