Clubwear might just be my passion

So, I have just returned from HTID Summer Gathering and I have to say, apart from absolutely loving the experience, I felt rather comfortable in my self-made clubwear outfits.

Obviously, improvements can be made and I am still practicing. My finishings are not perfect, despite using an overlock and coverlock machine. They are a lot better than they used to be, but I still have a long way to go.

Mostly, people don’t seem to look at the things I make with the same eyes as me though, so no one else seems to notice the dodgy stitches and they appear to be taken by surprise when I say that I sewed them up myself.

I am definitely going to make more outfits for myself, as I find that I feel quite proud of them.

However, there is one thought I have not been able to shake:

Am I the only one?

I do wonder if there are other ladies out there like me, who have fuller figures and find it hard to find anything nice to wear to a rave. I know I bemoaned the lack of decent rave clothing for my size before, but can I be the only one?

I don’t want to dress in black every time I go out. I also don’t like feeling frumpy and need something that highlights my waist (as otherwise my boobs make it look like I am wearing a tent). Most alternative clothing lines, like hell bunny, will cater to bigger sizes and make beautiful things, but while I have a few of their dresses, they don’t make anything I would wear to a rave.

I want neon colours and weird straps, spacey cuts and foam-filled hemlines. And yes, that is mostly inspired by cyberdog, who make exactly what I would love to wear in their one tiny size. They do make some things in S to XL sizing, but most of what I would identify as comfortable clubwear are made in one size, which I could squeeze myself into, but it just wouldn’t look nice.

I am a size 14 (UK)! I can make my own stuff, and that is fun, even if it is hard to find the right fabrics in the right colours at times, but what about people who don’t make their own stuff? Am I the only weirdo out there that likes to rave it up while not being a size 8?

Clearly, I saw other girls at Summer Gathering, but most of them were thin and wore what appeared to be bathing suits with tutus on top, which, don’t get me wrong, looks well cute on a tiny girl, but would look horrendous on me.

So what do I actually want to make?

Apart from making my own dresses in neon colours and spacey fabrics, I would like a kind of futuristic design element as well.

I recently went to a second-hand bookshop and saw this book called millenium mode.

In it, 40 designers are asked to envision what they would like the fashion of the future to be. While this book from 1999 is incredibly outdated, I found all the models wearing these creations looked like they were going to a rave.

It was rather inspiring for me. There is, for example, a long trenchcoat in camouflage fabric, which I absolutely must make for myself. There are lots of metallic fabrics and interesting cuts.

Maybe I am just stupidly nostalgic for that era when electronic music and the fashion that went along with it was massive, and when I was too young to take part in it, but I want to make outrageously nice things to dance in, as well as nice things to go home in. Most importantly, however, if I ever go to a festival in England again, I need to make myself a lightweight, 100% waterproof coat. 😉