A self-drafted cute cross-body cat bag

cute cat bag 1 front

Why a cat bag?

I guess no one in their right mind should ask themselves why it is necessary to have a bag shaped like a cute cat face, but I shall make this query anyway.

For a few years, I was the proud owner of a cross-body bag shaped like an apple. Even though people sometimes mistook it for a cherry or even a strawberry (because of its red colour) I loved this bag so much. I took it with me to all my adventures, to clubs and festivals, concerts and fine dining.

That however, was also its demise. It is now a very scruffy-looking, faded old bag. And I still love it, but it’s probably time to say goodbye to it.

So before I went to Amsterdam for Uproar in the Dam, upon inspection of said apple bag, I realised (too late) that I needed a new bag. Googling for “cat bag” did not bring any results that I liked, so I thought I’d do what I always do when something I want doesn’t exist yet, I will make it.




I bought some silver and black vinyl to make this from. This was my first time working with anything pleather/vinyl-related and it was certainly a learning experience!

You cannot put pins in vinyl, as I had learned from numerous sources around the internet long before I ever thought I’d actually use it. I used bulldog clips, which I had taken home from the office. They might have been pretty low-quality though, cause they weren’t great at keeping the layers together.

The eyes are glued on bits of black pleather and the nose is a baby snap.

I backed both sides of the bag with a dense, thick felt, of which I still have about 2 metres lying around.

The lining is made of a camouflage cotton lawn. I had made a dress from this (which I must photograph, so I can show it off) and had about enough left for this small project.


cute cat bag 1 lining 2



My topstitching is not the best. Not just for this, but in general. I have definitely made neater things with better topstitching, but it is a very important part of working with this material and I absolutely need to practice it. I am ok (for now) with the terrible stitching on the straps, as this is my first time working with vinyl, but I will make sure to get better.




Since I worked with this material for the first time (did I mention that before?), I needed some help along the way. Even though I ended up making a pattern myself, I was heavily influenced by this tutorial. There is a lot of glueing involved, which I replaced with sewing, but it was a good pointer in the direction I wanted to go.

I also had a look at a blog showing me how to do straps. Her topstitching is so neat! I didn’t do exactly what she did, especially as my straps were going to be longer, but the tutorial taught me that I can sew four layers of pleather together. (I was a bit worried about my machine not handling that much, but it was fine.)


cute cat bag 1 back


cute cat bag 1 with straps