An update – or: what have I been doing for the last three months?

In August, I made a post saying I went for a job interview, but didn’t get the job.

Well, it turned out I did get it after all. It’s quite typical really. I even decided that I might stop looking for a while and concentrate on sewing and furthering my language/translation skills, as the job hunt was so stressful and I didn’t seem to be the right candidate anywhere. Then I got a call. I had been told that someone else was more suitable, but now it seemed they had taken another job.

So if you were wondering where I have been for the last three months, I have been doing some bookkeeping and general administration for a Swiss company.

As that only takes up some of my time, I have also been doing a lot of self-drafting, perfecting patterns to fit me better,  and completely ruining making a coat by thinking I was being creative, but really being impractical. 😉

So I’ve been quite busy, just not blogging about it. That will change though, I promise.

Currently, I am self-drafting a dress for the office Christmas party, which is going well so far. I will make a post about it once it is done.

And then I also bought a new sewing machine. Well, a used sewing machine. It is a Bernina 1070 and I will also post about it, reviewing it thoroughly and explaining why I got it instead of a brand-new machine.

Rediscovering my love of Inkscape

This is probably as off-topic as it gets, but since I’ve not been blogging for a month again, I thought I owe you a little bit of an explanation.

I have always found great joy in designing geometric patterns. I sometimes bring this over into sewing and make complicated dresses, which give me a very good chance of practicing my seam matching. 😉 Lately though, I have been incredibly busy rediscovering what a fantastic piece of software Inkscape is.

Plenty of people use it, of course, and years ago, I also installed it to work on some intricate geometric patterns. I don’t know if it was lack of time or motivation, but it just didn’t do what I wanted it to do at the time. Last week, I downloaded it again and set to work on it.

I have to say, the results please me very much. Once I learned all the different functions with the help of some online tutorials (there are plenty on youtube and Inkscape themselves offer a detailed manual, which can be accessed from the software), there was no stopping me.

Here are a couple of the geometric things I made in the last week


geometry 1


geometric pattern 1


I even made some items with these patterns on, where you can find them under my profile theravingseamstress.

Switzerland, land of dreams (Part II)

Ah, a new country! New people to meet, new languages to learn, new rules to get used to.

Well, in my case I am not learning a new language per se, but rather getting used to the nice-sounding tongue that is Swiss German. Being German, it is so fundamentally different that it certainly takes some time to get used to. On the other hand, maybe it’s just hard to understand because the Swiss have a much  nicer way of saying things? I’m not even joking. My husband and I lived in Berlin for 5 and 6 years respectively, so the politeness of people here astounds and endears us on a regular basis, even though we have only been here for a week.

However, this is the very first time I am living outside the EU, so there are some bureaucratic hoops to jump through that I am not used to. Being from a neighbouring country, this seems odd. Even the UK, as much as it sees itself outside of Europe, by simple existence of its EU-membership makes things a lot easier for us EU-citizens. Here, it’s a completely different story. A permit and “Ausländerausweis” (foreigner ID) are needed to live here long-term, which suddenly makes you feel like you moved somewhere much further away.


So, onto the important things: I am currently setting up my sewing room. This, in itself, is a huge thing for me. Not only did I not even have a proper sewing corner, let along my own room, in our old flat in Berlin (I was sewing on the dining table, which subsequently couldn’t really be used for dining again.), I also never knew where to put all my fabrics and paraphernalia.

We had solved this problem once already by installing a set of shelves for sewing things, but you know how it is, you buy fabrics, you keep scraps, you make patterns… all that needs to go somewhere and one set of shelves is certainly not enough to contain it all. After a year, the shelves were hopelessly overloaded and on top of that, a good amount of fabric and patterns were living in various boxes. Having moved, I realised just how much room my sewing things actually took up.

Having my own sewing room, as well as giving up my job, were the two huge factors for me when we moved. It meant that I could spend my time sewing (while possibly getting a part-time job) and possibly even make money from making things. But apart from any plans to turn sewing into a profitable business at some point, I now finally have time to use this webspace more.

There will be many more blogposts in the coming months. I have some clothes I made in Germany, which I never had the time to post about, as well as lots of new projects that I am looking forward to telling you about.



Switzerland, land of dreams

What is going on?

It seems that lately, I’ve not been doing much blogging (understatement of the year). Of course, this is partly due to the fact that it is winter, and it’s hard to find a moment to take pictures of recently created things while working 40 hours a week. You know the deal, you leave the house in the dark and you come back in the dark. All that is about to change for me though and this is the main reason I’ve not been blogging. I’ve been busy googling the hell out of Switzerland.

Yes, Switzerland, the tiny country in the heart of Europe. After a few years of my husband freelancing while I was employed, we are now reversing roles. Well, sort of. I will certainly look for employment once we have moved, but as of next month, he has a steady job while I will be unemployed/preparing my venture into building a business.

In a way, this is much needed. Not only am I always moaning that I don’t have enough time to fulfil my sewing needs, I’ve also been wanting to dedicate myself to selling self-created things on the internet. With a full-time job, I have just about managed to make clothes for myself. I feel guilty for taking time off in the evenings and on weekends, but I also know that I need that time or I go a bit loopy.

Oh, and did I mention that I really don’t like my full-time job? I wanted a way out for a long time, but never really had the balls to jump in the deep end.

So you just move to Switzerland?

Essentially, yes. It may seem a bit crazy, but I am really looking forward to changing country. I have absolutely loved Berlin for the 6 years I have now been here (6 and a half, to be correct), but this is not the first time I move to a different place.

When I was 22, I moved to the UK. As is always the case, I was meant to be there for 6 months, but ended up staying 3 years. I very much love the UK and there are certainly things from there that I cannot live without now (my husband and UK Hardcore are on top of the list here), despite being German.

Logistically, however, this move will be a lot bigger and take a lot more time. When I took off for the UK, I had one suitcase full of mostly clothes. Now that I am married and have furniture, a move is a completely different animal.

We need to find a flat first, then move our stuff, our kitty and ourselves, while making sure our old flat is whistle-clean and painted a perfect white for inspection by the landlord. I’ll be very glad once I have stopped working, as it will give me more time to sort some of this stuff out.