About me

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Hi, my name is Dana and I am the raving seamstress.

In 2014, I started making my own clothes.

Before that, I was entirely disenfranchised with buying things off the rack. I found it increasingly hard to find something that actually looked good on me while not being worn by everyone else. I started to hate shopping for new clothes and decided to get a sewing machine instead.

Now I have three...

While being a beginner at sewing is quite daunting and I am frequently unhappy with the things I make, I am luckily driven by the desire to discover and master new techniques all the time.

Why the raving seamstress?

I have grown up with techno and I often joke that it is in my blood. That doesn't mean that I don't listen to anything else and there are certainly other types of (not exclusively) electronic music I love, but I strongly identify with the techno scene in Berlin. 

Often, I find it difficult to find something to wear when going out to a club, simply because it has to be practical, as well as reflect my style and be a bit unusual. Before I realised I could sew, I would usually find myself in a changing room trying on lots of different dresses on a Friday afternoon, but rarely bought anything. Therefore, I have started making and wearing my own clubwear.

About this blog

I love looking at people's self-made clothing and I hope to inspire some of you to also try and make your own stuff. I am by no means perfect, and I never thought I would be any good at this at all, and yet I am on the brink of never having to buy clothes again! 

Apart from showing off my creations, I hope my reviews and tutorials help with some of the sewing-related problems that you might encounter. 

Recently, I was lucky enough to give up my day job and move to Switzerland. This means that I now have much more time to spend in the sewing room. It is a huge luxury  for me and I am enjoying every moment.