An update – or: what have I been doing for the last three months?

In August, I made a post saying I went for a job interview, but didn’t get the job.

Well, it turned out I did get it after all. It’s quite typical really. I even decided that I might stop looking for a while and concentrate on sewing and furthering my language/translation skills, as the job hunt was so stressful and I didn’t seem to be the right candidate anywhere. Then I got a call. I had been told that someone else was more suitable, but now it seemed they had taken another job.

So if you were wondering where I have been for the last three months, I have been doing some bookkeeping and general administration for a Swiss company.

As that only takes up some of my time, I have also been doing a lot of self-drafting, perfecting patterns to fit me better,  and completely ruining making a coat by thinking I was being creative, but really being impractical. 😉

So I’ve been quite busy, just not blogging about it. That will change though, I promise.

Currently, I am self-drafting a dress for the office Christmas party, which is going well so far. I will make a post about it once it is done.

And then I also bought a new sewing machine. Well, a used sewing machine. It is a Bernina 1070 and I will also post about it, reviewing it thoroughly and explaining why I got it instead of a brand-new machine.